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2011 in without exception p reaper already began to do before

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2011 in without exception p reaper already began to do before

According to Beijing louis vuitton outlets of Xinhua News Agency report made empty wave on December 7 one receives, peremptory 2011 in becoming without exception " hunt kills season " .

Zhong Rixin of analyst of I US stock thinks, through doing empty agitation, final China enterprise accumulated the experience that casts a contact with with wall street, make oneself strengthen processing. In the meantime, of a few companies wash out a bureau also benefit at raising Chinese idea integral figure.

Trilogy: Explore, assault, hunt is killed

From 2010 Chinese concept abroad experience is done begin for nothing, explore through initial stage, metaphase makes a surprise attack in a small way and large-scale hunt reduces later period wait for a series of louis vuitton outlets stores actions, large-scale do in sky without exception tide is formed finally. Up to on November 12, 2011, be in the United States 3 big advocate board on the market in without exception gross, defend know exactly how things stand from June 2010 nearly 270, slide reach 223, what be in the brim that retreat city among them is medium without exception the amount shows the sign that increases quickly.

The orgnaization outside the condition is done in sky without exception be not nearly two years of ability to appear. Countrywide business association buys consortium to carry out chairman Fei Guoping to say, be in early in Feburary 2006, citron company ever was opposite the group of development of Chinese science and technology that appears on the market in Nasidake gives out research to report, begin to try to do in sky without exception.

Enter 2010, the happening of crisis of Europe debt, beautiful debt makes market condition take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly, initial stage explores became miniature assault. Supervisory committee of treasurer of American public company and American negotiable securities trade committee is in 2010 3 and issued signal respectively in April, investigation turns through be being bought reversely board appear on the market problem of company finance affairs and audit orgnaization, put forward several times to be aimed at Chinese concept in after this doubt. (Note: The United States appears on the market much the base of a fruit of chairman of company treasurer supervisory committee said on December 5, he and subordinate hold the post of card inspect newly to meet a chairman with China all the time Guo Shuqing is contacted, oneself hope with the combination of Chinese authorities audit investigates the meeting at the beginning of negotiation next year to restore. He expresses, be aimed at the deadlock of problem of Chinese firm audit, next year need finds partial solution. Next year need finds partial solution..

After two many months, on June 28, 2010, thelouis vuitton 2012 muddy water company that just establishs released the puissant oversell about Oriental paper industry to suggest to study a report namely, share price of Oriental paper industry 3 drop in the day 38.9% . After this, green Nuo science and technology admits existence makes a holiday, blame is retrorse buy the Longtop that appear on the market to oppugn and also stop a card by.

Below pressure of many sell in big quantities, do empty tide to grow in intensity. The title that countrywide business association buys office of attorney of grand of consortium, country to be released jointly is " in the beauty without exception industry problem analysis and retreat city to turn board politic " investigation analysis report shows, from June 2010 the bottom arrives on November 12, 2011, what experience stops a card to retreat city is medium without exception company number achieves 42, among them, 28 are compelled to retreat city, 6 finished actively change demesne retreat city, the market outside field of OTCBB of a go back trades, 1 retreat city because of going bankrupt, the share that has 6 companies additionally is stopped card up to now.

Hunt reduces the choice level of the target

Personage of know the inside story discloses, be being done all-time, the Chinese company that is oppugned ever reached interrogatelouis vuitton outlet and examine by the pry of stranger. As the crisis spread, do in sky without exception behind the curtain " shove a hand " gradually clear.

The report shows, in experience is oppugned and doing empty business, 23 enterprises were carried out before be killed by open hunt put aside posture to add hair. The vast space covering interest that increases hair manner presence in view of this kind, these 23 enterprises also did not have an other place to attract empty square interest with faceless subscribe square name intervenes centrally. The market prise, fluidity, space that cover interest reachs the opportunity that cover interest, when becoming square force of air of 2 classlouis vuitton outlets store online market to choose hunt to reduce a goal important think.

Although latter hunt is killed, turn to well-known company, but the hunt that is chosen kills an object to still do not hide to give these rules. "Do empty orgnaization searching current soft persimmon to hold. " Fei Guoping says.

Stand fast, parting, come home, decadent

Of near 1/4 in without exception enterprise, oppugn by the finance affairs of different level, make whole in without exception board piece the crisis that was immersed in unprecedented. Face make empty wave, in without exception adopt measure to save oneself in succession. 2011 up to now, chinese enterprise is lifted 3 times counter-purchase a climax.

This year March, early or late share price of 7 early days is behaved not the Chinese enterprise of beautiful announces to start counter-purchase a plan, plan to counter-purchase total dimensions to amount to 330 million dollar, in was being lifted without exception first-run " counter-purchase tide " . The 2nd " counter-purchase tide " appeared in June, 16 China enterpriselouis vuitton outlets online announces its share counter-purchases a plan early or late, total amount reachs 460 million dollar. On October 17, chen Tianqiao of royal network CEO announced an appraise is worth those who restrain 736 million dollar to change a plan demesne, will medium without exception counter-purchase impetus to push to the climax.

The expert such as Fei Guoping thinks, the courseauthentic louis vuitton outlets does empty tide baptismal in without exception, had shown give 4 kinds of structure: Stand fast, parting, come home, decadent.

Stand fast to understand very easily, and alleged " parting ", be being changed demesne is a kind of choice. Change demesne point to normally appear on the market company large stockholder counter-purchases this company all and current, cancel to appear on the market thereby qualification, let appear on the market the company becomes blame appear on the market company.

Besides two kinds of afore-mentioned means, in some without exception considering returning A. Buy consortium to appear on the market the company is bought recombine committee chairman Chan Junbao to express, return A need recombines abroad and relevant rights and interests, demolish louis vuitton outlets abroad framework, want to control a person actually to did not produce change only, can return to A, no matter be on time, still do not have an obstacle on the system. If control person happening actually to change, need according to A formulary latency time.

Last kinds of option that did not choose is decadent, this is the result that thegucci outlets company is willing to see least of all.

(Article origin: Eastward morning paper)

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