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Comment: Can Flipboard make money in China

15/01/2012 21:33 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Comment: Can Flipboard make money in China

Flipboard islouis vuitton outlets about to roll out Chinese edition. This may be a good news to every IPad user. Nevertheless, in light of the partner that enters Chinese choice from Flipboard, the road of its gain appears very endless again.

Flipboard is a medium that runs on IPad reads application. Itself produces content scarcely, but it is OK the website of rich guest, news, content that pushs the website such as special, Facebook to go up polymerization is together, with unusually elegant, adjacent paper media composing and the kind that read an experience present an user. Because it was changed directly " it is frozen and mechanical that electroniclouis vuitton outlets stores equipment is read " impression, more because its tiring-room used pair of users to read a habit to undertake analysis, optimized algorithm, the composing mechanism that combines maturity gives appear, make when the user is reading the news on media of of all kinds socialization, no matter be aesthetic, feeling still is content, more and more the taste that accords with oneself.

Nevertheless, can seelouis vuitton outlets store online from the description above, the crucial point of Flipboard depends on, it is an elegant container, can wait for character, picture content of of all kinds media to come out with suiting the beautiful form of IPad to show most, but itself does not produce content. Be in abroad, this one mode can not get too much doubt, because copyright protects the maturity of system, rich guest, website can talk about accredit with Flipboard, talk about collaboration, latter can pay cost to obtain former content, and will show louis vuitton outlets online in the electron to read platform to go up; And content is offerred also just enlarged a reader from this group with consequence, can divide into in proportion from inside the income of Flipboard.

But be in China, the digitlization of media was not finished actually, traditional media is in the first round when pass portal website " exploit " later, change to content electron advocate theauthentic louis vuitton outlets understanding that accused authority to have profundity, and the part that Flipboard makes formally be like with traditional portal materiality again in carry: Namely the content that I buy you, I get eyeball, I acquire an interest, and content is offerred just become the person that work finally.

Can see, flipboard is in after making elegant form, its are principal content should be the cooperation that wins of all kinds media and accredit. After all, socialization media develops again, but data of louis vuitton 2012 of all kinds research shows, no matter be Facebook still is pushed, go up especially, be transmitted the most extensive information, still have quite scale comes from at traditional media. The field is produced in content, web2.0 leaves replace louis vuitton 2012 traditional media to still be differred very far.

And after Flipboard rolls out Chinese edition, the partner that chooses above all is small gain of everybody net and sina -- correspondence is mixed at foreign Facebook push special, the operation that this shows to they still are in themselveslouis vuitton wallets China locates the container at socialization media, of content of media of tradition of and rather than bear the weight of platform. Although traditional media also longs to find likely shift now, change, digitlization means, but they won't tread again again apparently thelouis vuitton speedy portal the track of an overturned cart before this, hold the post of a network to cite at will their content.

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