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Electronic business affairs encounters " cold current "

08/01/2012 21:22 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Electronic business affairs encounters " cold current "

Recently, industry ofgucci outlets domestic electron commerce is faced with " into the winter " if the problem causes heat to discuss, the fact that can provide evidence is industry of commerce of much home electron " the form that with a rustle quivers in cold wind " .

A newest example is to breathe out haing net (WOOHA) . On December 5, have media coverage, breathed out that day the home page of haing website by hacker hang out a tremendous picture, the hacker is the employee of website oneself it seems that. Picture content claims, what company faculty pay and insurance are defaulted to amount to half an year is long, and father already did not know whereaboutldirection at present.

It is reported, breathe out haing net is the vogue of before China is ranked 10 kind website of electronic business affairs, it is the gucci outlets store inchoate entrant in domain of luxury electron business affairs, there is good public praise all the time before this. Although breathe out, haing net incident is unscrambled to be vogue by the personage inside course of study kind electric business website closes down one wet germinant, breathe out nevertheless the dimensions of haing net is done not have actually so big, also cannot hold back other and similar website to go before it topples the place that go continues. Still taste, beautiful is tasted, actor is numerous the investment that waits for a website to already all achieved level of ten million dollar, the capital that makes 3C make one's fortune repeatedly east the store already also was stared at went up luxury this " the Tang Dynasty monk flesh " .

Exterior scene is infinite, inner changes in temperaturediscounted gucci bags knows oneself. "Chill " it is company of all cable business can feel already, and the dilemma that must face. The perpendicular trade pattern that deepens operation in certain industry or fractionize market is held in both hands all the time by the heat of electronic business affairs. Do not cross nowadays, the day of these electric business is uneasy. In November, dress kind the IPO midway that electric business Fan Kecheng tastes overseas dash forward unripe misfortune; Shoe kind the network of electric business Le Tao with the largest field although the sale this year rises than last year 500%, backside of unpleasant however attack by surprise remains the same of deficit painful; So-called " Chinese B2C the first " Maikaolin, share price of atoriginal gucci bags this late hour already shrink 9 into.

Integrated the drive cold capability of website of kind of electronic business affairs is stronger, but also be him act according to actual circumstances in busy move at the moment. In October, the store that clean out treasure rose to enter the arena considerably the technical service fee that sells the home and bail of break a contact; In November, beijing east the store called in " full-court avoids freight " fascia, managing content sheds the crisis that cost issues with answering an eye; Gain should realize last year when the net later, appeared in successive recently two money newspaper however deficit.

Regard an electron as a branch of business affairs, the group buys a trade " bubble burst " already became the fact that does not dispute. Since this year, net of group of nest of Gao Peng, nest, round treasure explodes in succession a large area incident cutting down the member of persons employed; In November, of before the group buys an industry to rank 10 " 24 certificate " be critical as a result of capital and bring about employee wages to cannot be in short-term inside extend; The group buys a trade " a party to an undertaking " shake handshandle net, after all previous classics counts round ofleather gucci bags financing, its IPO ever was considered as whole industry help straw, fail finally to appear on the market as scheduled however however.

Business letting report breathes out greatly " the wolf came " the reason is to involve high sale cost and more and more intense price war ceaselessly.

Ever should express when net CEO, electric business not plan the advertisement investment of cost is the main reason that brings about electric business to enter cold winter. Electric business company fails money to advertise have two objectives: One is brand promotion, another is to guide discharge, pull use a sale. Business of a lot of cable is advanced gucci bags outlet period to hit famous the advertisement that spends wild land grab to attract eyeball. This phenomenon buys a website in the group in particularly apparent. Contend for grab advertisement is as a result, advertisement the price blazes new trails repeatedly tall, sell advertising readily take the opportunity to " very rich ", dozen advertising is final " sustain losses in business earn cry out " . Wu Bo of CEO ofdesigner gucci bags shake handshandle net thinks, the effect that advertisement puts in and investment had not become direct ratio far. The personage inside course of study predicts, the group of 90% above buys a website to had not endured this round of cold winter.

In addition, ceaseless heat sells the product, profit is being reduced however. November, su Ning is bought easily, Beijing east store, should become net thegucci bags 2012 books big fight between 3 big tycoons particularly intense. This from " buy a book 0 yuan ", " full-court books 5 fold a top ", " books is full 100 return 200 " one spot is seen in waiting for ad saying. The price comes true more easily than going all out, get effective fast, this forces electric business company to be able to maintain smaller than others price talent to win more clients only. Bi Sheng of gucci handbags the happy CEO that clean out a net expresses, the malign price between electric business is happier than spelling behavior to make the gross profit that taxes a net from 2010 30% fell 17% this year.

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